Floor Technician Sample Skills


Floor Technicians work in various facilities such as hospitals, schools, and gymnasiums, etc where their prime responsibility is to keep premises clean, sanitized, and well-maintained.

General duties of these professionals include cleaning floors, buffing and polishing surfaces, disposing of trash, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, and cleaning the parking area.

Candidates willing to pursue their career as a Floor Technician must exhibit strong cleaning skills, the ability to operate cleaning tools, physical strength, and dexterity along with an ability to lift and move heavy objects.

This job requires no formal education. Having a high school diploma or GED certificate is a plus.

Floor Technician Skills Sample
• Remarkable cleaning and floor maintenance expertise.
• Proficient at using various cleaning chemicals in a safe manner.
• Talented at cleaning, buffing, and polishing surfaces.
• Expertise in cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, offices, hallways, and other areas.
• Proficient at carpet cleaning and waste processing.
• Skilled in operating various cleaning tools and equipment.
• Capable of performing preventative maintenance on all cleaning tools and equipment.
• Able to perform minor repairs on cleaning equipment and tools.
• Well-versed at identifying tools that need major repair and informing the supervisors.
• Capable of maintaining inventory of cleaning supplies and scheduling cleaning and maintenance duties.
• Excellent communication and listening skills.
• Good physical strength and stamina along with great accuracy and attention to detail.
• Exceptional time-management expertise along with an ability to work in a team.