Electronic Assemblers Cover Letter Sample

Electronic assemblers prepare and place electronic components within a variety of devices while following standard concepts, practices, and procedures. They follow blueprints to put together electronic devices, tools and products using hand and power tools and other assembly equipment.
This is a highly technical, detail-oriented position, requiring extensive familiarity with circuit boards and electronic components as well as soldering and other methods of assembling electronics. People working in this capacity should have the ability to use tools and equipment specific to this trade. As far as educational requirement is concerned, one may require a high school diploma and 0-1 year of general work experience.
Given below is a sample cover letter for the position of an electronic assembler that will assist you further in this regard:
Electronic Assemblers Cover Letter Sample
March 19, 2018
Mr. Ian Cox
HR Manager
ABC Company
5869 Case Road
Juneau, Alaska 57597
Dear Mr. Cox:
Upon learning of your posting for an electronic assembler, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. As a highly organised and efficient professional with comprehensive  experience as an electronic assembler along with exceptional soldering skills, good testing and quality assurance, and great attention to detail, I am prepared to significantly contribute to your goals and objectives in this position.
Through to my 4 years’ experience as an electronic assembler, I have polished my technical skills and have improved my knowledge of assembly, soldering, packaging, and process improvement.
I am skilled in operating machinery used for assembly purposes. During my previous employment I have been responsible for installing components on printed circuit boards and performing quality assurance testing. In addition to these duties, I’ve used DVM and oscilloscopes in previous jobs.
I am capable of handling assemblies with adhesives and epoxies. In addition to this, I am capable of performing test and other electrical assembles that is required in the production process. I am an expert in reading any work instructions and other forms of blueprints. As for my educational qualifications, I have completed my high school diploma and soon after I joined a six month course work in electronics assembly.
Feel free to call me at (006) 444-3333 should you have a query regarding my background or experience and to convey an interview appointment.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Attached: Resume