Residential Electrician Resume Sample


Residential Electricians are in charge of installing and repairing electrical wiring and appliances in private homes. There general duties involve installing electrical wiring in buildings and poles, troubleshooting malfunctions and blackouts and repairing appliances.

If you are willing to work as a residential electrician, you must possess sufficient electrical systems knowledge, attention to safety, customer service orientation, troubleshooting skills, and teamwork.

Residential electricians need a minimum of a tenth-grade education, and they must complete an electrician apprenticeship. The specific requirements for electrician certification and licensing vary from one province to the next.

Consider the following resume sample for residential electrician position:


Residential Electrician Resume Sample

David Hopper

6486 Noon Avenue, Topeka Kansas, 66605
(937) 593-3636



A reliable and proficient residential electrician experienced in wiring, repair, and maintenance. Familiar with with voltage meters, cable cutters, wire dollies and various other essential tools. Skilled at inspecting electrical equipment, diagnosing malfunctions and training personnel.


• Implemented a backup system, as a result, minimised downtime by 50%.
• Increased productivity 70%, implementing incentive program, improving team cohesiveness.
• Introduced a troubleshooting system, hence, decreased subsequent breakdowns.


Downtime Minimisation Tools Use Equipment Maintenance
Fixture Replacement Conduit Placement Trench Digging
Blueprints Comprehension Troubleshooting Safety Management
Voltage Management Inspection Installation Planning



Residential Electrician
ABC Company, Topeka Kansas| 2017 – Present
• Installed, maintained, and repair electrical wiring equipment, and fixtures.
• Interpreted the electrical equipment markings, classification labels, codes & guidelines.
• Secured firmly electric equipment to surfaces by welding/soldering.
• Prepared and laid out wire to be installed in residential homes using blueprints.
• Earned reputation for troubleshooting complex problems in the residential electric field.

Residential Electrician
ABC Organisation, Topeka Kansas| 2015-2017
• Pulled all wire and installed service panels.
• Replaced and inspected receptacles and lighting.
• Supervised and worked alongside apprentices on residential worksites.
• Installed breakers, fuses, conductors, meters and hardware.
• Worked independently as well as collaboratively with other tradesmen for planning and performing residential jobs.

Electrical Apprentice
XYZ  Firm, Topeka Kansas|2014-2015
• Assisted in the installation of electrical wiring of newly constructed homes and condos.
• Assisted in the repair of electrical problems and malfunctions.
• Installed light switches and running pipe.
• Responsible for inventory of supplies for each job site.
• Assisted senior electrician in connection of power cables to equipment.
• Located and repaired short circuits in wiring.
• Maintained clean work environment.



High School Diploma
State High School, Topeka Kansas – 2013