Educational Resource Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities


Educational resource coordinators provide administrative support for educational institutions. These professionals are responsible for assisting with recruitment, supporting academic teams, developing information systems, managing budgets and organizing educational activities.

If you are willing to pursue your career as an Educational resource coordinator, you should possess skills like good communication abilities, analytical thinking, organizational skills, computer literacy and previous experience in an administrative role.

Positions as an Educational resource coordinator require at least a bachelor’s degree along with some knowledge of academic settings does help them in performing their work.


This is what you will be doing on a typical work day as an Educational resource coordinator:
Educational Resource Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for the professional development of school administrative team and teacher leadership team
•Understand the necessities of the education center and equip them accordingly
• Design and evaluate all written education materials and assist in the international distribution and manage all curriculums for various education programs
• Interview and recruit new staff
• Train the newly recruited candidates and allocate them work
• Hire and evaluate the efficient working of all department staff and arrange various guest lecturers from education staff members and prepare presentations for class
• Assist to prepare lectures for all local classes and assist in technical writing and prepare the newsletter for all chapters
• Approve the curriculum prepared by the education coordinator
• Liaise with Directors and Teachers
• Supervise all budgets for education programs and supervise the efficient working of all programs and prepare a schedule for all projects
• Evaluate all programs and assess all outcomes for same and prepare reports to be submitted to cooperative agreements