Cytotechnologist Resume Sample


Cytotechnology is the microscopic interpretation of cells to detect cancer and other abnormalities. A cytotechnologist is a health professional trained in cytotechnologist. He/she evaluates specimens on glass slides using microscopes.

General duties of these professionals include collecting samples, preparing and examining slides, writing reports, and delivering test results to physicians and patients.

An ideal candidate for the position of cytotechnologist should possess excellent analytical skills, accuracy, decision-making abilities, time management skills, excellent computer competencies, and the ability to work independently or supervised by a pathologist.

Different countries have different certification requirements and standards for cytotechnologists. Employers generally prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in cytopathology technology, biology, or a related medical field and ASCP certification. Accredited cytotechnology training is also mandatory.

Given bellow is an excellent resume sample for cytopathologist position which will guide you further in this regard:


Cytotechnologist Resume Sample


Brian Stepanek
238 Case Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21411
(356) 349-4832
An enthusiastic individual with 6+ years’ experience working as a cytotechnologist skilled collecting samples and examining them using microscope to evaluate their quality. Capable to detecting abnormalities in the colour, shape, or size of cellular components and patterns and preparing accurate reports accordingly. Ability to work with the team to examine the samples and assist in diagnosing the health issues for early treatment.

• Identified and marked atypical and abnormal cells on slides for final diagnosis with quality rating of 90 percent.
• Supervised and provided administrative support to 29 medical personnel who provided preventative health care, health and wellness program support, and emergency medicine to a ship’s company of 3,000 personnel.
• Hired and trained 6 lab interns in handling cytological procedures, leading them to complete their internships accordingly.


• Lab Procedures • Quality Assurance • Technical Processing
• Specimens Handling • Fine Needle Aspiration • Findings Correlation
• Inventory Management • Slides Maintenance • Compliance
• Routine Screening • Reporting • Contamination Prevention


AAA Labs, Annapolis, Maryland | 2016-present

• Collect samples and prepare them for tests and examinations.
• Examine the collected samples under a microscope and classify them on basis of their quality.
• Identify specimens with abnormal hormone conditions.
• Document specimens by verifying patients’ and specimens’ information.
• Provide the microscopic findings to assist pathologists in the preparation of pathology reports.
• Ensure that all protocols and procedures pertaining to safety are explicitly observed and followed.

Cytotechnologist Assistant
XYZ Lab, Annapolis, Maryland | 2013-2016
• Collected tissue samples, conducted microscopic tests, and sent them to specialised pathologist labs as required
• Prepared cell samples by applying special staining techniques, such as chromosomal staining, to differentiate cells or cell components.
• Submitted slides with abnormal cell structures to pathologists for further examination.
• Documented the tissue samples collected, tested, and the time taken for testing.
• Maintained the specimen integrity and patient identification of all the examined samples by keeping the database updated.
• Maintained effective laboratory operations by adhering to standards of specimen collection, preparation, or laboratory safety.
• Adjusted, maintained, or repaired laboratory equipment such as microscopes as and when needed.




Bachelor’s of Science, Cytotechnology
State University, Annapolis, Maryland