Job Description for Customer Service Assistant Resume


Customer service assistants work in various settings from banks to supermarkets, where they are required to handle customers. Their main responsibility is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer service assistants answer queries and provide advice to make sure that a customer who comes through the door leaves happy. Typical duties of a customer service assistant are giving information, helping solve problems, taking orders, handling complaints, updating computer databases and selling products.


The job of a customer service assistant involves a lot of interaction with the general public in a variety of methods including face-to-face, over the phone and via email, therefore an individual working in this capacity should possess exceptional communication skills, patience, a friendly personality, problem-solving skills and computer literacy. While no formal education is required for Customer Service Assistants except for a high school diploma, some employers may prefer candidates with a degree in communication or similar fields.

Given below is a list of duties that a customer service assistant is required to perform:

Job Description for Customer Service Assistant Resume

• Deal with customers and tell them about the operating procedures of the company.

• Consult with customers in order to determine their shopping or other requirements and serve them accordingly.

• Direct or accompany the customers to the required aisle.

• Tell the customer about the features of a product and provide them with physical demonstration if required.

• Make sure that all the shelves are clean, well-organized and properly stocked.

• Receive phone calls and provide the customer with necessary information regarding the products and services provided by the organization.

• Actively listen to the customers complaints and try to resolve the matter in a calm and agreeable manner.

• Help the customers during payment procedures and assist in processing credit card and cash payments.

• Receive payment, provide change, issue receipt and answer customer queries.

• Tell the customers about the refund and exchange policy of the company.

• Provide the customers with excellent customer service to make sure that they enjoy their visit and leave happy.

• Take required customer information such as phone number and email address for the purpose of product delivery or inform them regarding new deals and services in future.


• Provide the cashier with assistance in balancing the cash register, determining cash discrepancies and resolving them.