Cover Letter Sample for Pet Shop Assistant

Pet shop assistants work in shops caring for live animals and selling them as household pets. They are responsible for daily upkeep of the store. They sell animals, fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles and insects. They also sell pet supplies including food, accessories and bedding medicine, toys, carriers, and educational books and videos.
Pet shop assistants keep the store, aquariums, and animal cages clean and sanitized. They also look after the health of the pets for sale, change beddings, and restrain animals when required. Their duties also include feeding, cleaning and grooming animals, cleaning and tidying shop, stocking shelves, and maintaining records.
They also work with customers, answering questions, advising customers how to look after the animals they buy, and offering animal care advice.
Typically, a high school diploma is required to work in this capacity. However, previous experience counts for a lot.
Given below is a sample cover letter for a pet shop assistant resume:
Cover Letter Sample for Pet Shop Assistant
March 2, 2018
Mr. Joe Ryder
Human Resource Manager
The Pet Shop
392 Silver Road

Ruston, Louisiana 12345
Dear Mr. Ryder:
I came across your advertisement for a pet shop assistant position. Since my skills are an excellent match for your requirements, I write this letter with great interest. Please consider my enclosed resume for the said position.
Owing to my previous experience, I have developed many skills in animal care. I truly love animals and love looking after them and providing them with care. I am an expert at taking care of  animals’ personal needs. I can clean, exercise and groom animals. I am proficient at cleaning and disinfecting animal dwellings.
Furthermore, I am talented at feeding and providing water to the animals while making sure that the nutritional requirements of each animal are met. I am also an expert in restraining animals in order to administer medication and capable of disinfecting and bandaging wounds according to vets’ orders.
Now coming to the retail part of the job, I am skilled at operating cash registers. I can process cash and credit card payments and tender receipts and change. I am competent at maintaining inventory and stocking shelves. Moreover, I possess excellent communication and customer-service skills. I can answer customers’ queries and advise them how to look after the animals they buy.
I would like to see you in an interview in order to ascertain your expectations and establish the relevance among your requirements and my abilities. I will call you next week for follow-up. In the meantime, if you need any further information, please contact me at (123) 456-6789.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Enc: (Resume)