Cover Letter Sample for Cart Pusher


Cart pushers work at retail companies and stores where their main responsibility is to retrieve shopping carts from docking areas in the parking lot and return them to the store so that customers can use them to collect items for purchase.


They also clean the unused carts of any left behind garbage and bring them to the front of the store for the patrons to use. They are responsible for helping customers with larger carry-out items. Furthermore, they keep the entrances clean of debris, clean up any spills that may occur through out the store, shovel snow from store premises, and complete other duties as assigned by supervisors.

To work as a cart pusher, an individual should be physically fit and have excellent customer service and effective communication skills. General knowledge of the retail operation and its inventory along with organizational skills and teamwork abilities are also required.

Since this is considered an entry-level position, No formal education is needed for this job. A high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient.

If this is the position that you want to apply for, have a look at the following cover letter for Cart Pusher resume.



Cover Letter Sample for Cart Pusher



November 10, 2018

Mr. Steve Browne
Human Resource Manager
ABC Store
761 Main Blvd
Lansing, Michigan 12345

Dear Mr. Browne:

In response to your vacancy announcement for a cart pusher, with continued interest and enthusiasm, I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

Owing to my 3 years’ hands-on experience, I am expert in gathering carts from every corner of the store and parking lots and returning them to the designated area for the customers to use. I am proficient in using various equipment for moving the carts efficiently.

I am well-versed in removing garbage from the carts and maintaining neat and clean shopping carts so the customers can have a excellent shopping experience. I have exceptional customer-service skills and am effectively able to help them transport their purchases to their cars.

Furthermore, I am physically and am capable of standing on my feet for a long time. I am capable of safely loading and unloading carts. I have a track record of maintaining a clean and orderly cart room. Moreover, I am talented at resolving customer issues and complaints effectively and expert in providing excellent guest service in a fast paced environment.

I am positive that a meeting between us to discuss my credentials will benefit both of us. I will call you next week for follow-up. In case you need to reach me earlier, you can call me at (012)345-6789. In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.





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