Sample Skills for Construction Worker Resume


Construction workers usually work repairing and building a variety of structures, buildings, highways, roads, and bridges.

General duties that a construction worker is required to carry out in his usual day include cleaning construction sites, loading and unloading building material, Operate large powered machinery, mixing cement and sand with concrete mixer and carrying out some other duties as specified by the employer.

As this position requires great skills an d stamina thus an ideal resume for the position of construction worker must demonstrate excellent physical strength, dexterity, stamina, time management, and teamwork.

This job usually does not have an educational requirement. However, some employers may require a high school diploma and/or a GED certificate.

If you possess any kind of experience relevant to the field than do mention it in your resume as it can serve as a plus point and can greatly increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Below is a list of some skills that one can include in the skill section of resume for the position of construction worker.

Skills List for Construction Worker Resume

• Skilled in cleaning and preparing construction sites by removing debris, garbage, and trees.

• Well-versed in loading and unloading building materials

• Ability to operate large power machinery and equipment such as grinders, blowtorches, pressure cleaners, jackhammers etc.

• Knowledge of mixing cement, sand, and water with a concrete mixer.

• Proficient at controlling traffic passing near work areas by directing with signs, barricades, and traffic cones.

• Capable of digging ditches or trenches using shovels, picks, and jackhammers.

• Track record of carrying out all field related job in compliance with all safety procedures.

• Excellent physical strength, manual dexterity and coordination.

• Good mathematical skills along with ability to read and interpret blueprints and work related documents.

• Excellent vision and depth perception.


• Familiarity with building materials and experience using tools involved in the construction, repair and restoration of buildings.