Resume For Accounts Clerk Example



If it were around Yoda, he would certainly say “A complicated job, resume composing is. ” This somewhat poetic statement makes us see the difficulty with which bulk of us write a resume. Accounts Clerk Resume writing is certainly not easy and when it were, it would fail to present the candidate’s professional prowess. And since professional prowess is precisely what a resume is supposed to show, one must be very diligent when writing one.

Are you aware of that there are many online services that will ask you for your professional information and automatically create a resume for you? These may look like dreams come true however they lack one thing – the individual touch.

In order to construct an accounts clerk job application that has your own private touch, you will use the following job application sample:

Accounts Clerk Resume Sample

Stephen Larson

5 Highview Road ● Sea View, HI 96737 ● (000) 111-1111● stephlar @ email. com



• Competent as well as strong-willed accounts clerk having an exceptional head with regard to numbers.
• In particular adept at producing and maintaining human resources records and reconciling traditional bank statements by being sure accuracy and completeness.
• Exceptional skills in making certain the company financial reports by running designated effectiveness analysis programs.
• Exhibited expertise in upgrading and maintaining human resources journals and ledgers as well as efficiently compiling info and accounting stories.
• Special ability for determining differences and resolving them promptly to ensure absolute accuracy associated with accounting documents.
• Successful at researching, tracking and restoring human resources and documentation concerns.


• Discrepancy Management • Monetary Reports • Bank Liaison
• Payroll Processing • Levy Calculations • Processes Enhancement
• Data Integrity • Reconciliation • Electronic digital Spreadsheets
• Revenue and Expenses • Small Cash Handling • Electronic digital Bookkeeping
• Maintained meaningful relationships with 5 major banks inside the city, which proved effective when injecting extra finance into the business
• Elevated accounting data strength by implementing Good Data, a system accustomed to constantly monitor the caliber of data
• Enhanced accounting procedures by implementing checks as well as balances at every single stage of report development
• Reconciled 3 entries which includes been lying inside the suspense account with regard to 4 years


GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, Ocean View, HI THERE | Sep 2012 to till date
Accounts Clerk

• Maintain human resources records by coming into debit and credit entries into the database system
• Create and keep balance sheets, ledgers as well as profit and loss account reports
• Liaise with banks to obtain bank statements as well as handle deposits as well as cash management
• Prepare lab tests for payments and ensure they are timely signed from the signatory
• Matter checks to consumers and vendors soon after ensuring bank stability integrity

AAA FIRM,, Ocean View, HI THERE | June 2007 – Sep 2012
Accounts Assistant

• Handled small cash amounts by ensuring that they are used in accordance with prescribed budgets
• Reconciled accounting entries in order that they are right and posted effectively
• Created as well as filed taxes to appropriate authorities and make sure payrolls are regular processed
• Checked out, processed and examine invoices and rule and post payments
• Prepared as well as submitted invoices as well as payments
• Checked as well as verified invoices to ensure accuracy and completeness

KEY LOGICS, Ocean Look at, HI | May 2007 – Sep 2007
Accounting Intern

• Analyzed differences and ensured which they were addressed right away
• Collected as well as verified timesheets with regard to payroll preparation requirements
• Assisted in creating and keeping periodic accounting reports for instance balance sheets as well as profit and loss accounts


Associate’s Stage in Accounting.