Resume Test For Cleaning Women


Washing Girls normally work within private households while exploring from a one house to another on a predefined routine. As a cleaning girl, you would be accountable for completing various housekeeping and cleaning duties in a fixed time. Hourly rates are usually set by company which might lies between 8$ to 20$ depending on nature of work.

If you want to get a job as a cleaning woman, you may need to prepare a compelling resume. Following resume sample will help you write your own resume.You are free to modify it according to your requirements.

Resume Test For Cleaning Women

Jenny Slate

254 East Street

Albany ,New York 60201

(872) 834-8028, Jenny @


Well versed for providing excellent customer service using communication and interpersonal skills.


Tallented, trustworthy and polite professional with strong background in household and commercial buildings’ cleaning and cleanliness. Passionate to create and maintain a hygienic and clean environment at employer’s premises.

• Over 3 years’ experience in cleaning work.
• Proven ability to use manual and automatic cleaning equipment safely.
• Familiar with the standards of N H S US Cleaning Services Specifications.
• Detailed understanding of safe usage of electrical cleaning equipment.
• Bilingual: English and turkish.
• Computer: MS Word and Excel

• Good numeracy skills to measure out cleaning supplies.
• Exceptional physical stamina.
• Demonstrated ability to work alone without supervision or as part of a team.
• Complete understanding of  health and safety protocols and regulations.
• Ability to comply with job and safety instructions.


Cleaning Women
XXX HOTEL, Albany, New York | May 2011 – June 2013

• Performed surface cleaning, mopping, vacuuming and dusting.
• Washed, buffed and polished floors using scrubbing machines and vacuum cleaners.
• Emptied and cleaned trash bins.
• Cleaned toilets and washrooms per standards.
XYZ RESORTS – Albany, New York | November 2010 – January 2013

• Follow company’s standard operating procedures.
• Cleaned rooms. lobbies, floors, and bathrooms.
• Transported amenities and linens to guest rooms.
• Reported damages and lost and found items repairs to the supervisor.


PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Albany, New York– 2009
High School Diploma