Resume Sample

Convenience Store Supervisor Resume Sample

Advertisement: A convenience store supervisor is responsible for handling daily operations in a small store or retail business. He/she is required to perform many tasks including hiring and training of staff, maintaining inventories, budgeting, scheduling, and implementing safety policies. To work as a convenience store supervisor, one should have substantial knowledge of the retail industry […]

Sales Associate Resume Sample

Advertisement: Sales Associates are hired by companies from various industries and their responsibility is to sell the products and services and maximize revenues while providing a high-quality experience for customers. The role of a sales associate is of great importance. They assist customers through the entire buying process and make sure the customer leaves satisfied. […]

Personal Shopper Resume Sample

Personal shoppers are responsible for assisting customers in shopping. They determine customers requirements by asking them what they are looking for and offering advice and knowledge of the best products to purchase. Furthermore, these professionals also process orders, and assist with exchanges or returns. An ideal resume for personal shopper resume should exhibit exceptional customer […]

Community Service Worker Resume Sample

A community service worker works for the well-being of a community. They help clients in identifying and obtaining available social and community services. These individuals may be involved in helping clients with counseling issues, Providing personal, social, physical, and emotional services and leading and organizing community group activities. An individual working as a community service […]

Sample Resume for Business Consultant

Business consultant is a professional who helps companies improve and optimize their overall business model. They utilize the information available from that company to assess weaknesses and recommend solutions. First of all, business consultants discuss requirements with the clients to understand what want to improve or fix. Then they review financial statements, monitor competitors, and […]

Resume Sample for an Orthodontic Assistant

Orthodontic assistants work in dental offices where they are required to provide chairside assistance to Orthodontists by preparing patients, ensuring that they are comfortable and offering assistance for complex oral surgery procedures.   Orthodontic assistants perform many tasks such as preparing the patient by taking x-rays and impressions, performing preliminary examinations and collecting diagnostic data. […]

Resume Sample for Fire Alarm Technician

A fire alarm technician is responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire alarm systems within residential and commercial facilities. These technicians review the electrical layouts to make sure that building’s fire alarm systems are in compliance with electrical and fire safety codes. They coordinate with clients to make sure that all fire alarm systems […]

Resume Example for Public Area Attendant

Public area attendants are responsible or keeping the public spaces such as lobbies, restrooms and hallways clean and tidy. Their job is not just to perform various housekeeping tasks, but they also are concerned with customer service. Public area attendants are required to maintain a level of cleanliness in the housekeeping area, remove hazards, dust, […]

Resume Example for Car Washer

Car Washers clean vehicles both inside and outside. They make cars look neat and clean by providing deep cleaning services using a variety of cleaning equipment and products. In this career, you will be responsible for greeting customers, hand washing vehicles, applying soap solution on the car’s exterior, scrubbing tires, rinsing the car, drying their […]

Resume Sample for Junior Recruiter

Junior recruiters help initiate the hiring process by identifying and screening qualified candidates for the vacant positions. These professionals work in support of senior recruiters and account managers in supplying candidates to hiring managers and by helping the candidates through the hiring process. Their duties include screening, contacting candidates, posting job openings, doing background checks, […]