Resignation Letter

Letter of Resignation Due to Family Emergency

Advertisement: A letter of resignation is written to announce the writer’s intent to leave a position currently held, such as an office, employment or commission. A resignation letter should also state the reason why they want to leave the job. This letter helps an employee to provide a notice period to the employer. Keep in […]

Resignation Letter Template for Laborer

Advertisement: If you are planning to move to another city to work in the capacity of a laborer with your desired organization, then you may need to write a resignation letter to your current employer to inform him about you decision. Writing a resignation letter can be slightly difficult if you have been working in […]

Sample Resignation Letter Due To Family Reasons

At some point in your career, you may need to resign from your job because of some personal issues or family reasons. A family breakup, illness of a loved one, or a family relocation may force you quit. In this situation, it is wise to provide your boss with a letter of resignation explaining the cause of […]

Cabin Crew Resignation Letter Sample

Deciding to leave a cabin crew job is not an easy decision to make. Moving-on is necessary if we want progress in our careers. You may or may not have a good working relationship with your manager, deciding to leave can still be very sad. Cabin Crew Resignation letters are easy to write – all […]

Waiter Resignation Letter Samples

When you put forward a resignation from waiter job, it is essential to resign with dignity and proficiently. Give adequate notice to your restaurant owner by writing a formal resignation letter, and be ready to move on before submission of your letter. A resignation letter for a waiter must be short, focused, and evident. There is […]

Resignation Letter Sample For Waitress

If you have worked for a company for some time, it is important to write a resignation letter to inform your employer about your intention to leave. Writing waitress resignation letters is not an easy job because you might have developed association with the place that you are working for and the thought of leaving can […]

Deputy Sheriff Resignation Letter Sample

One more impression is nearly as important because the first one. We spend time and effort mulling over what to write in a job application letter, but when it can be time to decide, we just manage to write a two-liner correspondence saying goodbye. Why is there do not need impress at this specific stage? […]

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Health Reasons

If you are unwell and can not possibly work any more, it is time for you to write a resignation mail with immediate result. But writing one in which you are not giving your employer an opportunity to hire and train someone prior to leave is hard. You may have got signed an agreement stating […]

Resignation Letter Due to Health Problem Sample

Overview Whether we adore your existing task or positively detest it, writing a resignation letter for once we leave is probably the hardest things to do. We may not you have a thrilling time working at a company but almost always there is this affinity that we feel towards it once we leave. After many, […]

Sample Resignation Letter without Notice Period

A new resignation letter is an important document – one that employers consider quite seriously when they prepare an employee’s making document and analyze their dues. And if you want both these to travel smoothly, you have to ensure that your resignation page is written in a fashion that is a a bit more than […]