LPN Cover Letter Template

Advertisement: Following is an efficient cover letter template for LPN or Licensed Practical Registered nurse. When writing a job application letter for licensed realistic nurse resume, make sure the prospective employer knows you could have the required skills plus a documented license which is applicable the state nys, province or country where you want to […]

LPN Resume Template

Advertisement: In a Licensed Practical Health care worker resume, you must highlight your healthcare expertise and specialized experiences. It’s crucial to state only probably the most relevant skills associated to nursing and required with the employer. Presenting a well ordered resume in conjunction with an outstanding LPN Cover letter will direct you towards securing a […]

Tubal Ligation Surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Tubal Ligation Tubal Ligation is a surgery where a woman’s fallopian tubes are cut and sealed. It is commonly known as “tying the tubes.” Tubal ligation permanently sterilizes a woman by preventing a egg from traveling from the ovary down to the uterus so that the male sperm cannot make contact with the egg. If […]

Nurse Resume Profile Examples

A PROFILE or SUMMARY Part of a Nurse Resume plays a vital role in your hiring process. This section has gained popularity among employers within the last few years. It means that you can sum up the exceptional options that come with your background which might be pertinent to the particular nursing job. A well […]

Clinical Nurse Specialist Resume Sample

Clinical nurse specialists tend to be advanced practiced medical professionals who provide immediate patient care inside specialization they’ve graduated in. They will have specialized in cardiology, oncology or even pediatrics. If you happen to be a qualified professional medical nurse specialist, you might need to put forward ones specialization information within a resume when trying […]

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Resume Sample

If you think that you have each of the necessary skills needed for a better job and are struggle to get hired, it’s time to take into account rebuilding your cv. Resume is a good tool for advertising of candidacy only if it is used smartly. Following are three golden principles that may take your […]

Student Nurse Position Skills for Resume Example

Caused by lack of working experience, nursing students rely much on the skills to work successfully inside a clinical or hospital setting. Student nurses are hired for one purpose – to prepare them for any more intense nursing position where they should be able to promote as well as restore the fitness of patients in […]

School Nurse Job Interview Questions and Answers

Being a school nurse, you’ll be responsible for the actual wellbeing of students so you’ll be scrutinized quite seriously when appearing on an interview. Not only contemplating judged on the nursing knowledge but you will additionally be tested on how you handle yourself in an environment that offers children at it’s core. But there isn’t […]

School Nurse Job Interview Questions and Answers Sample

Being a school nurse, you may be responsible for the actual wellbeing of students so you will be scrutinized quite deeply when appearing a great interview. Not only are you judged on ones nursing knowledge but you will also be tested on what you handle yourself within an environment that provides children at its core. […]

Ulna rodding Surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Ulna rodding Ulna rodding is usually surgery to twine a metal rod within the shaft of this ulna (one on the lower arm bones) to be able to strengthen the bone and prevent repeated fractures in addition to correct deformities. Rods could be non-expanding and expanding, in which a new telescoping rod is needed that […]