Legal Assistant

Skills List for a Legal Secretary Resume

Legal secretaries work in law offices and perform secretarial tasks that includes writing legal documents, conducting researches and reading legal articles and more. As the success of a law office depends very much on the support staff therefore the legal secretary must be dependable and proficient in carrying out legal tasks. Sometimes, legal secretaries are […]

Example Functional Resume for Legal Assistant Position

A functional resume focuses on the candidate’s skills and abilities, rather than on chronological work history.¬†It is generally¬†used by job seekers who are are looking to change career paths or who have gaps in their employment history. In this way, the focus is shifted to the relevant skills the candidate possesses. For the position of […]

Cover Letter For Legal Assistant-No Experience

Creating a powerful cover letter for basic level legal assistant job, while you have no former experience available, is a complicated work. In the letter, you should highlight your regarding knowledge, abilities,internships experience and your passion to learn new responsibilities promptly. Following is the best sample cover letter for the position of a legal assistant. […]

Cover Letter For Legal Assistant Position

The subsequent cover letter for Legal Assistant Resume shows the candidate’s eagerness and capacity to help a legal professional with all duties regarding legal and paperwork matters such as finding your way through depositions, writing contracts for customers or attorneys, composing correspondence and handling the flow of phone calls, e-mail, and various newspaper work. This […]