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Field Service Technician Sample Job Description

Advertisement: Field Service Technicians are basically mobile repair and service providers. They are responsible for providing services like installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairing to various systems and equipment at all locations within the assigned work area. The equipment they work on can range from home-based equipment, such as appliances, televisions, computer, and air conditioners to […]

Cytotechnologist Job Description Sample

Advertisement: Cytotechnology is the microscopic interpretation of cells to detect cancer and other abnormalities. A cytotechnologist is a health professional trained in cytotechnologist. He/she evaluates specimens on glass slides using microscopes. General duties of these professionals include collecting samples, preparing and examining slides, writing reports, and delivering test results to physicians and patients. An ideal […]

Lead Teller Job Description Sample

A Lead Teller is in-charge of overseeing all of the different tellers in a financial institution to make sure that withdrawals, deposits and check-cashing are performed successfully. His obligations and responsibilities can also rely upon the scale of the facility and styles of services supplied to customers. Generally these specialists are chargeable for supervising more […]

Job Description for Bartender

Bartenders are in charge for preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and ensuring a pleasant drinking experience. These professionals are employed by bars, restaurants, and lounges. While bar work can be enjoyable and varied, hours tend to be long and often include evenings and weekends.   General responsibilities of bartenders include taking orders, serving snacks and […]

Sample Job Description for Clothing Store Cashier

Clothing Store Cashiers work at the checkout areas of the stores and are responsible for handling transactions fast and accurately.   Further responsibilities include greeting customers, providing information about products, scanning item prices, operating cash registers, collecting payments, and counting money.   A resume for clothing store cashier position should exhibit strong numeracy skills, attention […]

Sample Job Description for Fire Alarm Technician

A fire alarm technician is responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire alarm systems within residential and commercial facilities. These technicians review the electrical layouts to make sure that building’s fire alarm systems are in compliance with electrical and fire safety codes. They coordinate with clients to make sure that all fire alarm systems […]

Sample Job Description for Safety Manager

The safety managers are hired to ensure a safe work environment for employees in the workplace. Their main duty is to make sure that employers’ companies adhere to health and safety regulations and then apply corrective measures if necessary.They are also responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing company’s employee safety at work. Responsibilities of a […]

Sample Job Description for Retail Store Cashier

Retail Cashiers work at the checkout areas of retail stores and often are the primary point of contact for customers, making it an important job. They are responsible for ringing up items and bagging them for the customers. The cashier also handles tender and provides customer receipts using a cash register or till. Working as […]

Sample Job Description for Mental Health Specialist

Mental health specialists work in rehabilitation centers, mental health clinics, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and nursing homes. They provide support to patients diagnosed with mental illnesses. They apply counseling skills to assist those with depression, anxiety ,and other illnesses. Mental health specialists also counsel individuals abusing alcohol or drugs. Duties of a Mental health specialist include […]

Sample Job Description for a Voice Actor

Voice acting is the art of doing voiceovers. The performers of this art are called voice actors or voice artists. Voice Actors lend their voices to characters in animations, movies, commercials, video games, dubbed films or TV shows. Voice actors are not seen only heard. They typically, work for studios, where they are expected to […]