Cover Letter

Laundry Aide Cover Letter Sample

Advertisement: Laundry aides are required to assist customers with their laundry. These professionals assist the customers by identifying their laundry needs, inspecting clothes that need to be washed, and suggesting various washing techniques accordingly. They are also responsible for sorting clothes based on color and texture, adding washing powder and softener, and returning clean clothes […]

Fast Food Cook Cover Letter Example

Advertisement: A Fast Food Cook completes food preparation duties in fast-food establishments with a limited menu. They prepare and cook food, such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, fries and fried chicken. Their responsibilities also include operating cooking equipment, mixing ingredients, ensuring food quality, collecting payment, packaging and serving orders. Working as a fast-food cook can be […]

Campus Monitor Cover Letter Template

Campus monitors are responsible for providing safety to the students during lunchroom and recess activities for the purpose of ensuring a safe experience; minimizing the frequency or severity of harmful incidents; and communicating observations and/or incidents that may impact a general well-being of students and school staff. These professionals also communicate school policies and enforcement […]

Cover Letter Sample for Business Consultant

Business consultant is a professional who helps companies improve and optimize their overall business model. They utilize the information available from that company to assess weaknesses and recommend solutions. First of all, business consultants discuss requirements with the clients to understand what want to improve or fix. Then they review financial statements, monitor competitors, and […]

Sample Cover Letter for Lobby Attendant

Lobby attendants work in hotels, apartments and office building. They play a primarily customer service role, greeting patrons at theatres and other public venues, assisting them in finding their seats, taking tickets and providing help to patrons with disabilities. The responsibilities of a lobby attendant also include cleaning and maintaining the work area, answering guest […]

Cover Letter Sample for Cart Pusher

Cart pushers work at retail companies and stores where their main responsibility is to retrieve shopping carts from docking areas in the parking lot and return them to the store so that customers can use them to collect items for purchase.     They also clean the unused carts of any left behind garbage and […]

Sample Cover Letter for Fire Alarm Technician

A fire alarm technician is responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire alarm systems within residential and commercial facilities. These technicians review the electrical layouts to make sure that building’s fire alarm systems are in compliance with electrical and fire safety codes. They coordinate with clients to make sure that all fire alarm systems […]

Clothing Store Cashier Sample Cover Letter

Clothing Store Cashiers work at the checkout areas of the stores and are responsible for handling transactions fast and accurately.   Further responsibilities include greeting customers, providing information about products, scanning item prices, operating cash registers, collecting payments, and counting money.   An ideal candidate for clothing store cashier position should possess strong numeracy skills, […]

Cover Letter Sample for Pet Shop Assistant

Pet shop assistants work in shops caring for live animals and selling them as household pets. They are responsible for daily upkeep of the store. They sell animals, fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles and insects. They also sell pet supplies including food, accessories and bedding medicine, toys, carriers, and educational books and videos. Pet shop assistants […]

Cover Letter Sample for Snow Removal

Snow removal technicians operate and maintain equipment used to clear public roadways and areas after a snowfall. In addition to removing snow, these professionals are also required to perform other duties such as mowing public lawns; repairing roads, gutters and shoulders; striping roadways; and cleaning up ditches and debris. They are also responsible for the […]