Cover Letter

Automotive Painter Sample Cover Letter

Advertisement: Automotive painters are responsible for applying paint on automobiles such as cars, trucks, and buses, etc. They repair damaged vehicles, prepare them to be painted by removing dirt, rust, and dents, and apply paint using paint sprayers and brushes. They are also responsible for setting up painting equipment, matching old paint to new colors, […]

House Painter Sample Cover Letter

Advertisement: As the title suggests, House Painters are responsible for painting the interior and exterior of houses. They remove old paint, smooth the surface using sandpaper, and apply paint, varnish, and stains to change the appearance of the house. Furthermore, they are responsible for analyzing the painting needs of a house, deciding paint color and […]

Sales Consultant Sample Cover Letter

Sales consultants work for different companies where their prime responsibility is to maintain existing business and create new business opportunities. They develop strategies to promote and sell the company’s products or services. These professionals are given sales targets and they make sure that the assigned targets are met or exceeded. Sales consultants identify and reach […]

Medical Coder Sample Cover Letter

Medical coders work in medical facilities where they are required to assign correct codes for the services that a patient will receive during an appointment. In other words, these professionals assess patient’s medical records and record information about the patient’s healthcare using specialized coders into the system. These standardized codes are then used to receive […]

Sample Cover Letter for Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are employed by companies selling pharmaceutical products. These professionals are responsible for promoting the company’s products and selling them to healthcare professionals. General duties of pharmaceutical sales representatives include identifying potential customers, networking with already existing clients, achieving sales targets, managing budgets, maintaining records, scheduling appointments, preparing presentations, making new contacts, and […]

Courtesy Clerk Sample Cover Letter

Courtesy Clerks are employed in retail environments where they are required to enhance customer experience by offering them prompt customer service and assistance throughout the entire store. They perform all the tasks that are necessary for ensuring an exceptional shopping experience for their customers. These tasks include bagging items, helping customers find items, assisting them […]

Carpet Installer Sample Cover Letter

As the name indicates, carpet installers lay carpets in homes, offices, and public buildings. They are responsible for removing old carpets, inspecting surfaces, measuring, cutting, and installing new carpets on the facility floor. To work as a carpet installer, one should have a strong ability to read and understand floor plans along with physical dexterity, […]

Production Worker Cover Letter Sample

Production workers are an important part of any manufacturing facility. Depending on the industry in which they are employed, production workers are responsible for operating machines. assembling product parts, handling soldering tasks, lifting items, and packaging products. They are also responsible for performing quality control functions in order to make sure that the final product […]

School Health Aide Sample Cover Letter

The school health aides are responsible for taking care of students and ensuring their good health while on school premises. They assist the school nurses by handling routine health-related tasks and clerical duties. These professionals are particularly skilled in helping students suffering from diseases or injuries. Their duties include taking and recording vitals, providing basic […]

Sample Cover Letter for Meat Cutter Position

Meat Cutters are food service professionals who make sure that fresh meat products are available to customers. They break down beef, poultry, and other meat products into various cuts and portions. Furthermore, they are responsible for displaying meat products, maintaining inventory, putting tags, and cleaning and sharpening knives and other tools. A meat cutter should […]