Cover Letter Sample for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Advertisement: The main job of a certified nursing assistant’s (CNA) is to provide basic care to patients,, and also assist them in daily activities. Responsibility of a CNA include helping patients with personal hygiene, changing beds, checking vital signs noticing changes in health condition, administering medicine, and preparing patients for examinations and answering to patient […]

Qualifications and Skills for CNA Resume

Advertisement: A resume for Certified Nursing Assistant position ought to be composed in a way which get the attention of the employer at the very first look. Write your most relevant  capabilities, aptitudes and capacities from the employer’s point of view. What transferable aptitudes and capacities employers need to see in Certified Nursing Assistant Resume? […]

Entry Level Resume Samples For CNA

Guidelines • Prior to write your resume, identify your most related expertise and abilities gained through education and real life experiences. • Start with an employer-centered synopsis or statements that really reflects your importance. • Mention your relevant capabilities and knowledge using strong but short bullet points. • Use easy words and phrases while ensuring that […]

CNA Resume Sample

Introduction and Guidelines There is a dearth of very good resume writers on the planet and that is why lots of people opt to fork out professional resume writers to get the job done. Resume writing is a tough job and on occasion, even professionals have a tough time dealing with the intricacies. Whether you […]

Nurse For Tumescent liposuction Surgery Resume Sample

Tumescent liposuction  Tumescent liposuction is the removal of fat deposits under the skin from various parts of the body: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, chin, and cheeks; after the incision is made, the area is flushed with saline and local anesthetic to contract the skin and make the blood vessels contract before aspirating the fat. […]

Turbinate reduction Surgery Nurse resume Sample

Turbinate reduction  Turbinate reduction is surgery to reduce the size of the turbinates, small structures at the back side of the nose that cleanse and humidify the air before it reaches the lungs. Andrew Cooper 1116 Waterloo-Geneva Road Waterloo, NY 13165 (811) 211-6898 Objectives Prepared Turbinate reduction Surgery Nurse as per brand guidelines. Highlights […]

Tympanomastoidectomy Surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Tympanomastoidectomy Tympanomastoidectomy is surgery on the middle ear to repair the ear drum and the mastoid bone, which lies behind the ear. An incision is behind the ear to access the mastoid and the ear drum. David Allen 8770 Nw 99th St # S5465 Medley, FL 33178-1474 (899) 431-1367 Objectives To obtain a position […]

Tympanoplasty Surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Tympanoplasty  Tympanoplasty is surgery on the middle ear to repair the ear drum. Surgery may be performed through the ear canal or through an incision behind the ear. A tympanomeatal flap may be created from the patient’s chewing muscle Fred Jenkins 1135 Kane Concourse Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154-2025 (811) 878-3682 Objectives To obtain […]

Sclerotherapy Surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy is treatment for spider veins and some varicose veins by injecting a saline (salt) solution into the veins, which flushes out the blood and leads to shrinkage and decomposition of the varicose veins. Jack Baker 2450 Sw 1st St Miami, FL 33135-1402 (855) 150-2507 Objectives Enthusiastic Sclerotherapy surgery Nurse looking for position […]

Scleral buckle surgery Nurse Resume Sample

Scleral buckle surgery Scleral buckle surgery is performed on the outside of the eye to repair a torn and detached retina. Silicone rubber devices are stitched to the white part of the eye to indent the globe and induce a functional retina until normal scarring seals the tear; the vitreous cavity may need to be […]