Appreciation Letter

Appreciation Letter Template to Team for Good Work

Advertisement: No one likes to work without appreciation from their boss. Therefore, if you are in a position where you can provide your team with a buck-up treatment, do not hesitate to write an appreciation letter to appreciate your team’s hard work to motivate them to achieve their goals. A letter from you appreciating the […]

Sample Phrases to use in Performance Appraisal

Advertisement: A performance appraisal can be a tough time for both employees and the bosses. It may not sound difficult but in reality it is, especially on the part of employer who has to do a lot of nerve work in writing a performance appraisal. Writing a balanced appraisal letter is not an easy job-in […]

Sample Appreciation Letter to Team for Good Work

Appreciating your team’s work is a superb way of motivating them to reach their objectives. While many organizations resort to damaging motivation tactics, that they don’t always operate. What does operate is appreciation – if the team has met an objective or is carrying out exceptionally well, make them aware you appreciate the idea. No […]