Campus Monitor Job Description


Campus monitors are responsible for providing safety to the students during lunchroom and recess activities for the purpose of ensuring a safe experience; minimizing the frequency or severity of harmful incidents; and communicating observations and/or incidents that may impact a general well-being of students and school staff.

These professionals also communicate school policies and enforcement procedures to students, staff and visitors for the purpose of ensuring their understanding and the potential consequences of violation.

An ideal candidate for campus monitor position should possess excellent negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills. He/she should also possess excellent analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills. Most campus monitors hold a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training.



Campus Monitor Job Description Sample




• Observes and file behaviours of students that might be issue for the well-being of the school.
• Monitor college buildings, grounds and the instantaneous surrounding region for protection and protection concerns.
• Regulate access to high school parking lots by way of issuing body of workers and scholar parking.
• Assist school workforce in enforcing college rules, board policy and the code of conduct.
• Assists in keeping order within the college by means of running with college students on behavioural problems.
• Assists in resolving conflicts and similar trouble conditions between students.
• Monitor campus parameter for unauthorized entrances.
• Assist college students for the duration of class transactions.
• Respond to all risky incidents involving students.
• Supervises college students all through lunch intervals and before/after faculty by retaining a peaceful and disciplined surroundings on the out of doors grounds, inside the cafeteria, library, hallways, and bus lines.
• Assists with enforcing school-wide student control plan and incentive programs.
• Assists with making domestic telephone calls to discuss behaviour incidents with parents.
• Assists others in topics of filing, sorting, records collecting, organizing materials, and answering phones.
• Recommend improvements in protection and safety of centres to the principal.
• Perform other duties that may be assigned as needed.