Campus monitors are responsible for providing safety to the students during lunchroom and recess activities for the purpose of ensuring a safe experience; minimizing the frequency or severity of harmful incidents; and communicating observations and/or incidents that may impact a general well-being of students and school staff.

These professionals also communicate school policies and enforcement procedures to students, staff and visitors for the purpose of ensuring their understanding and the potential consequences of violation.

An ideal candidate for campus monitor position should possess excellent negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills. He/she should also possess excellent analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills. Most campus monitors hold a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training.




Campus Monitor Sample Skills




  • Skilled at monitoring during lunch and recess time.
  • Capable of monitoring the campus in order to make sure that there is a safe and secure environment for staff and students.
  • Talented at responding quickly in case of emergency.
  • Proficient at enforcing school policies regarding discipline and attendance.
  • Profound ability to observe students and record the behaviours of students that might be issue for the well-being of the school.
  • Competent at inquiring into students who may loiter in grounds or hallways during class time.
  • Qualified to assist others in topics of filing, sorting, records collecting, organizing materials, and answering phones.
  • Well-versed at keeping order within the college by means of running with college students on behavioural problems.
  • Knowledgeable about maintaining confidentiality about children, their families, and other employees outside the school.
  • Capable of handling sensitive and confidential information, documents, communications, incidents, etc., with discretion and in a conscientious manner.