Motivation Letter for a Business Development Manager Sample


Motivation letters are usually written by aspiring students who want to take up a diploma or a system. They are also written by people who may want to apply for a position in an organization – basically, a motivation letter is much like a cover letter while using only difference being the fact that motivational letters present detailed information associated with what “motivated” a person to apply for a certain position.

Using a broader scale, motivation letters are generally written to protected positions which candidates think would have been a good match for their skills. While this is especially valid of cover correspondence, motivation letters are a tad bit more detailed than their counterparts. You may want to write about the passions and aspirations within a motivation letter provided that they are in sync while using company’s mission. You can offer detailed information associated with any internship programs that you will find been involved within.

To understand what sort of motivation letter is written, have a glance at the following sample written for the position of a small business development manager.

Development Manager Motivation Letter Sample

292Cooper Method
Dover, DE 3245

Sept 9, 2014

Microsoft. Joan Rivers
Manage Recruiting
Shamrock Trading Company
432 Pine Path
Dover, DE 66543

Lso are: Business Development Administrator

Dear Ms. Rivers:

I am currently in the process of completing my degree in business Studies from Delaware Organization School, an initiative I decided to take up after working being a business development associate first year at Indicate and Fuller. My motivation intended for attaining this amount was primarily to secure a small business development management situation where I can apply my skills in increasing business prospects for the company.

My focus has always been centered on leading the coordination associated with resources and leverage relationships with targeted customers. After considerable research, I discovered Shamrock Trading Company’s advertising campaign detailing the profile of the business development manager. I anticipate employed by your company mainly because we share exactly the same vision – identifying needs and meeting them.

During my short stint at Indicate and Fuller, I learnt how to overcome international clients. I also had the chance to partner while using corporate communications department which increased my perception of the complexities with the marketing and communications element of the industry.


For outgoing individual who has been an passionate participant in local community work throughout my academic life, In my opinion that I am the perfect candidate to fill up the vacancy of the business development manager for your company. I appreciate your time and efforts in considering me just for this position and anticipate a gathering with you before long.