Bus Driver Job Description


Bus drivers are required to drive buses so as to move passengers from one place to a different. Their main responsibility is to follow an assigned route, pick up passengers along that route and take them to specified destinations along their route. They are also responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers while they travel on bus. Therefore, a bus driver has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

A bus driver should have good driving skills and a knowledge of defensive driving techniques. A good sense of direction is also very important for a bus driver. He should also have the knowledge of basic vehicle inspection and maintenance including tire pressure, checking oil and water levels. Furthermore, bus drivers should demonstrate good communication and people skills, the ability to make sound decisions, time management and first aid expertise.

A high school diploma and a commercial driver’s license is required to wok as a bus driver.

If you want to work as a Bus Driver, here is a list of duties that you can refer to:



Bus Driver Job Description
• Drive the bus to transport passengers over specified routes to local or distant points according to time schedule.
• Pick up and drop off passengers at designated locations.
• Follow a planned route according to a time schedule.
• Assist passengers with luggage.
• Issue tickets and collect fares.
• Help passengers with difficulties for get in and drop off.
• Observe speed limits and obey traffic laws and state and federal transit regulations.
• Use the GPS and standard maps in order to chart out intercity routes.
• Deal with any anti social behaviour on the bus.
• Follow procedures to make sure they and all passengers are safe.
• Execute pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
• Check the bus tires, lights, and oil and do other basic maintenance.
• Perform routine vehicle inspection and maintenance including checking tire pressure, oil and water levels.
• Keep the bus clean and presentable at all times.
• Inform the passengers and employers about delays or any issues along a route.