Resume Sample for Building Maintenance Manager


Building maintenance managers are responsible for the well-being of a building and the people inside. They make sure that the assigned buildings are clean, well-maintained and in a constant state of repair. Duties of a building maintenance manager include building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, repairing environmental systems, internal structures, plumbing, and electrical issues, and even structural problems.

A high school diploma or the equivalent is sufficient to work as a building maintenance manager, many employers prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in facilities or property management. Additionally, some prior experience is required.

A resume for the position of a Building Maintenance Manager should highlight an individual’s knowledge and abilities. It should focus on a person’s skills like leadership skills, maintenance expertise, decision making and problem-solving skills, ability to mentor and provide guidance, and ability to develop maintenance strategies and delegate tasks.

Furthermore, a resume should be impressive to read. It should tell the employer why you are a perfect fit for the job and should be written in such a way that convinces the reader to consider you for the interview.

Following is a sample resume for a Building Maintenance Manager for your guidance:

Resume Sample for Building Maintenance Manager

Simon Jones
342 Sample Road
Austin, Texas 12345
(012) 345-6789



A skilled and knowledgeable Building Maintenance Manager with 5+ years’ experience. Well-versed in supervising building maintenance and repair work in order to ensure the safety of members. Expert in developing maintenance and repair strategies. Strong leadership skills and ability to work under pressure.


HVAC Systems Budgeting Building Security
Preventative Maintenance Standards Compliance Manpower Oversight
Training Needs Assessment Accident Prevention
Interior Maintenance Emergency Management Supervision


• Designed and implemented an ISO certified preventive/predictive maintenance program, hence reducing the downtime cost.
• Devised a staff training system, which was considered 50% more effective than the previous one.
• Reduced unscheduled downtime by 40%
• Received Employee of the Month Award twice.


Building Maintenance Manager
ABC Housing, Austin, Texas 2016-present

• Develop and implement maintenance procedures.
• Perform inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues.
• Monitor electrical and hydraulic systems of facilities to ensure functionality.
• Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities.
• Schedule regular building maintenance and janitorial services.
• Resolve complaints, problems, and requests from building residents.
• Make sure health and safety policies are complied with.

Building Maintenance Assistant Manager
XYZ Housing, Austin, Texas 2013-2016

• Contributed to the development and implementation of preventative maintenance plans.
• Inspected the building frequently for signs of damage or wear.
• Inspected and replaced damaged parts and components.
• Assisted with emergency response and evacuations.
• Operated specialised tools as required to facilitate work.
• Monitored equipment inventory and placed orders when necessary.
• Performed maintenance duties as requested.


High School Diploma
ABC High School, Austin, Texas