Aircraft Mechanic Resume Sample


Aircraft Mechanics are responsible for the maintenance of aircraft. They are responsible for repairing, inspecting and maintaining the structural, mechanical and electronic elements of the aircraft, replacing parts, measuring wear and assessing whether parts need repair or replacement.

Employers generally prefer the candidate who has completed a course of study at maintenance technician schools approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

An ideal candidate for an aircraft mechanic position should possess excellent technical skills, dexterity, attention to details, troubleshooting, and teamwork. An aptitude for working with complex equipment and understanding technology is also necessary.

Given below is an excellent resume sample for an aircraft mechanic position that will assist you further in this regard:


Aircraft Mechanic Resume Sample

John Heard
48 Lake Avenue, Juneau, Alaska 45713
(967) 968-6482


An energetic aircraft mechanic with a passion for excellence in repairing, restoring and maintaining all mechanical systems. Expert in engine analysis software. Capable of working well alone as well as a part of a team. Able to determine system schematics, ensuring proper and timely repairs and maintenance work.


Fuselage Maintenance Structure Rebuilding Inspection
Malfunction Handling Wiring Repair Records Keeping
Troubleshooting Testing Equipment Use Systems Operation
Servicing Towing Flight Inspections



Aircraft Mechanic
AAA Company, Juneau, Alaska | 2016 to present
• Inspect aircraft for any component defects or any other issues.
• Perform engine runs on aircraft to ensure aircraft operational safety.
• Perform maintenance of the aircraft components on a regular basis.
• Clean, refuel and change the oil in line service aircraft.
• Inspect aircraft engine for cracks and leaks.
• Replace defective components with hand tools.
• Perform hydraulic system service and other aircraft servicing tasks.

Apprentice Mechanic
XYZ Organization, Juneau, Alaska | 2013-2016
• Assisted in the inspection, repair of aircraft.
• Lubricated the aircrafts’ landing gears.
• Performed corrosion prevention maintenance, towing of aircraft and inspections.
• Maintained a clean and safe work environment.
• Ordered supplies, equipment, materials, and parts for repairs and general maintenance.


Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
City College, Juneau, Alaska – 2012