Resume Sample for After School Program Tutor


After school tutors provide instruction to the students outside the classroom. These professionals have an opportunity to help students on a one-on-one or small-group basis outside of the regular classroom. Their main responsibility is to help students learn and develop study skills and organization techniques to help improve their academic performance. The general duties of an After School Tutor includes explaining to students how to solve problems, assigning work, checking student completed work, supervising group of students and reporting to teachers and parents.

A resume for After School Teacher must showcase strong organization and supervisory skills along with good communication and interpersonal skills, record keeping, patience, stamina and attention to details. Moreover, an ideal resume for this position should not be more than one page long. Keep your resume employer-centered, that is, customize your resume according to the requirements of the prospective employer. Don’t waste your time and space of your resume in writing irrelevant information. Keep in mind that the employer will only give a few seconds to your resume. A slight irrelevant detail can bore them enough to put down your document and move on to the next one. Therefore, it is very important that you include only relevant candidacy details in your resume.

The following resume sample for the position of After School Tutor will assist you further in this regard:
Resume Sample for After School Program Tutor 


Stephanie Laurent

Case Street • Salem, Oregon 97301 • (435) 872-9824 •


A passionate and dedicated individual looking to obtain a challenging after-school program tutor position, bringing exceptional ability to supervise the children for the purpose of promoting safety and respect amongst all participants. Adept at taking student input and creating a useful program working with faculty to get students the information they need and helping parents to get involved in their children’s education. Specializes in middle and high school level students.


● Lesson Planning ● Progress Reporting ● Lesson Instruction
● Attendance Maintenance ● Supervision ● Student Supervision
● Curriculum Development ● Counseling ● Classroom Management
● Parental Communication ● Activity Conduction ● Technology Integration


•Provided individual teaching to motivate and instill enthusiasm for learning; approx. 20-25 students
•Liaison between parents, students, and schools resulting in improved behavior habits for troubled students
•Received “The best Teacher” Award twice


After School Program Tutor, January 2015 to Present

• Assisted in the planning and implementation of a daily program which will meet the needs of the children in attendance
• Ensure and supervise the safety and well-being of the children while providing a fun and healthy environment
• Collaborate with other teaching professionals to develop educational programs

ABC INSTITUTE, Salem, Oregon
One on One Aide, May 2010 to December 2014

• Assess the educational needs of students
• Assist students with their daily homework and assignments
• Respond to parent’s questions and concerns in an efficient manner


CASE COLLEGE, Salem, Oregon, 2009
Bachelor of Arts in Education


• Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Internet Research, Email
• Typing Speed: 45 WPM



• American Teacher’s Association, Detroit, MI
• K-12 Educational Research Club, Detroit, MI