Medical Records Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Advertisement: Medical Records specialists work at various medical facilities where they are required to perform many tasks. The primary work of a medical records specialist involves data entry and maintaining patients’ records etc. If you are willing to apply for the position of medical records specialist, you need to compose an excellent cover letter that […]

Resume Sample for Medical Records Specialist

Advertisement: A resume is considered as an important marketing tool that sells your skills and if utilized properly, it can help you land an interview successfully. While writing a resume for the position of a medical records specialist, make sure that you keep it customized and up-to-date. Today’s job market is very competitive and only […]

Electro-mechanical Maintenance Technician Job Description

Electro-mechanical technicians combine knowledge of mechanical technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits. These professional install, troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems, such as robotic assembly machines. Electro-mechanical technicians work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers. They work in many industrial environments, including energy, plastics, computer, and communications equipment manufacturing and […]

How to fill out a Job Application

How to fill out a Job Application   Candidates have to fill in details on Job applications when applying for any new job position. Most employers may request new recruits to submit an updated employment application even if the candidate has already submitted a copy of his or her cover letter along with updated CV. […]

Diesel Mechanic Interview Questions and Answers

Diesel Mechanics carry out many tasks such as performing diesel truck tire changes, repairing trailers’ air brake systems, and maintaining and repairing forklift transmissions. Preparing for an interview for the position of diesel mechanic is not very difficult if you are well knowledgeable about the position. An employer is basically looking for someone who is […]

Resignation Letter Template for Laborer

If you are planning to move to another city to work in the capacity of a laborer with your desired organization, then you may need to write a resignation letter to your current employer to inform him about you decision. Writing a resignation letter can be slightly difficult if you have been working in a […]

How to write a good babysitting resume

Babysitters provide care to children when their parents or family members are away. As a teenager, the best way to make some money is to offer babysitting services to relatives or neighbors. Typical duties of a babysitter include preparing and serving meals, bathing and dressing children, doing housekeeping tasks, organizing activities administering medicines, and helping […]

Resume Sample for SEO

A resume is a document that summarizes your work experience, education, skills and accomplishments for a prospective employer. It is the most important tool when applying for a job. It is a marketing tool that sells your skills and competencies and helps you land an interview successfully. Writing a resume is not a difficult task. […]

Cover Letter Sample for SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. A cover letter for the position of SEO Specialist should exhibit skills such as creativity, strategic planning, communication, time management, and self-motivation. In order to compose an excellent cover letter for the position of SEO […]

Assistant Teacher Resume Sample

Assistant Teachers offer operational and administrative support to lead teacher and also support students during school activities. These professionals are required to carry out a number of duties including planning activities, supervising children, handing out class materials, and reporting to lead teachers. You cannot use a generic resume for all positions you apply for because […]