Cover Letter Sample for Traffic Officer Position

Advertisement: Whenever you apply for a job, your resume must be accompanied by a cover letter. A cover letter is a one-page document and it is an essential part of any job application. Your cover letter is your first formal introduction to the prospective employer and it allows you to present your intentions, qualifications, and […]

Hotel Sales Manager Job Description Sample

Advertisement: A hotel sales managers work in the sales and marketing department of a mid to large sized hotel and are responsible for bringing new business to the establishment. These professionals are responsible for bringing in guests and making the hotel money. These professionals not only seek out business with individual guests but also typically […]

Resume Sample for Traffic Officer

Securing a job of your desire is a difficult task in today’s competitive job market. If you want to get a job, you must have an exceptional resume that stands out from the lot. A resume is a very important document when applying for a job. If written properly, it can land you an interview. […]

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for Bookseller

Booksellers work either for large retailers or for independent bookshops. As a bookseller, you will be involved in the retail of books and associated products. Your primary concern will be a strong customer focus but you will also need an excellent knowledge of the shop’s stock and of the wider book market in general. A […]

Sample Cover Letter for Makeup Artist

A cover letter is a letter of introduction that highlights your key accomplishments and fit for a job opening. A cover letter is as important as a resume. It gives you an opportunity to add details about information mentioned on your resume. As a cover letter is a very important part of your job application, […]

Sample Resume for Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists are responsible for providing makeup services to models and performers. Make-up artists work in many different environments from spas and resorts to film and theater sets, and typically train both formally within a cosmetology program, and on-the-job. Job opportunities vary by industry and with individual work experience. An ideal resume for a makeup […]

Cover Letter for Restaurant Hostess (No Experience)

A cover letter is a one-page document that you send with your resume when applying for a job. The purpose of a cover letter is to complement your resume. It should not be a copy of your resume but should tell the employer what it is about the job that is attractive to you and […]

Sample Job Description for Inventory Clerk Resume

Inventory Clerks are in charge of handling incoming and outgoing materials in a company. These professionals are also required to perform activities such as ordering materials, stocking showrooms, receiving deliveries, maintaining records, and reporting discrepancies. You need to compose a skill-based resume in order to land an interview for a position like inventory clerk successfully. […]

Flight Attendant Resume Sample with No Experience

Flight Attendants assist passengers during flights and make sure they feel comfortable and safe. Duties that the individuals are required to perform include greeting passengers, helping them find their seats, demonstrating emergency procedures, serving drinks and meals, serving refreshments, and answering passenger queries. The job of a flight attendant is very interesting and a competitive […]

Sample Objective for Business Analyst Resume

Business Analysts are employed by various industries where they are required to solve organizational problems by assessing business performance and suggesting corrective actions. A resume for Business Analyst position should be customized and employer-centered. It should focus on your job-relevant skills and competencies and it should be formatted in a way that it quickly grabs […]