Sample Skills List for Warehouse Worker Resume


A warehouse worker is required to perform a number of duties in a warehouse setting. These individuals are expected to perform a lot of work that demands physical strength and dexterity. A warehouse worker needs to be well knowledgeable about goods and shipment procedures. They should possess the ability to bend and stoop and work in adverse climatic conditions along with Ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time and ability to lift weight.

Warehouse workers should possess good communication skills along with excellent organizational and time management skills. These individuals should be proficient at maintaining inventory, entering data and using various computer software. They should know how to operate pallet jacks and forklifts as these two equipment are used constantly during their work day. Ability to listen and follow instructions is also very important for this position. Warehouse workers should also be able to handle simple calculations effectively and possess excellent hand-eye coordination.

Sample Skills List for Warehouse Worker Resume

• Capable of following instructions correctly.

• Ability to understand schematic drawings and maps.

• Ability to move objects ranging from 10-50 lbs occasionally and lifting that weigh more than 100 lbs.

• Capable of moving objects from one place to another with the help of fork lifts and pallet jacks.

• Ability to deal with unfavorable circumstances caused by damage or unexpected events.

• Ability to manage stock inventory and packing and labeling goods properly.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills to ensure that goods are received and stored in proper and time-efficient manner.

• Knowledgeable about warehouse safety protocols.

• Comprehensive understanding of goods retrieval systems and their limitations and ways to overcome the limitation to ensure timely retrieval.

• Familiar with the use of modern computer software and well versed at maintaining electronic records.

• Able to follow quality service standards and comply with procedures, rules and regulations.