Registered Nurse Reference Letter Example


Reference letters for Registered Nurse are viewed as one of the main job leaving documents. This is essential for an employee leaving a Registered Nurse position to request for reference letter as this document improves the possibility of future employment a lot more.

Many people ignore getting reference letters because they do not know it’s importance. Reference letters carries personal information from an ex-employer about an individual’s capacity to work efficiently at a particular position.

How to write?

To write a compelling reference letter for Registered Nurse, you should only emphasize on the positive characteristics with their personality. Writing about their talents, achievements and professional frame of mind can help them get a future position conveniently. As individuals can only finitely boast of their own skills, it is up to an ex-employer to help them in their future job search.

Subsequent is an excellent reference letter example for registered nurse. You are free to modify theses examples as per your needs in order to make your own letter.

Registered Nurse Reference Letter Example 

John Robert

423 West Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 76382

July 04, 2014

To Whom It Might Concern:

I have had the pleasure of administrating Jessica Lindsey through the four years that she spent working as a registered nurse at AAA Healthcare. Jessica’s commitment to provide outstanding patient care and her outstanding ability to manage troubles shows her professionalism.

Self-confidant and self-control nature, Jessica has been beneficial for AAA Healthcare as she has continuously provided patients with extraordinary medical care. Her capacity to work in a high stress environment had been tested when she worked at the trauma center for 2 years and has constantly gave generous care to affected patients.

Jessica is a mature candidate who had never overlooked any chance to offer her services during difficult time. Her work technique is task oriented and her understanding to the requirements of patients and their families is brilliant. She was one of the extremely acknowledged nurses at AAA Healthcare.

I recommend Jessica without any arrangements for work in a nursing role. I can be reached at (345) 567-3845 for any further information that you need.