Recommendation Letter Sample for Cashier


Letter of recommendation for cashiers is a good way for future employers and determine the candidacy and characteristics of a possible employee.

If your previous employee or student request you to write a letter for them, you want to get the right tone that perfectly define her cashiering expertise and customer service abilities.

While writing a cashier’s recommendation letter,don’t forget to keep it brief and to-the-point.

Consider the succeeding example which will assist you making your own.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Cashier

March 02, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter for Eva Bella who had worked as a cashier at Sapphire under my administration for three years (January 2007 to April 2010). Positively Eva was one of the most excellent cashier at our company.

Eva is an highly skilled organizer as well as customer focused individual having outstanding abilities in managing multiple cash transactions simultaneously. Under my management, she sharpened her capabilities in providing outstanding customer service, guiding customers positively and collecting payment for purchases. Due to her positive attitude and continuous struggle, our client base was increased 40% within 2 years of his employment. Furthermore, she is a remarkable communicator who is able to develop good relationships with fellow workers and seniors.

Again, I highly recommend Eva as a possible cashier of your company. I must say that Eva was one of the few employees who had a potential to deliver. In my opinion, she would be a good addition to your company. I wish her best of luck in her future ambitions

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