Cover Letter Template for Cashier (no experience)


The key to a successful cashier job search is to communicate directly with the recruiter. That is why, your cover letter for a Cashier Resume or job application plays a vital role in your hiring process. Well-written cover letters – while you don’t have any prior experience – convey a sense of purpose, passion for the cashier position, and show your expertise and knowledge which employer requirements.

Many times, basic level fresh graduates who don’t have any prior experience spend hours to write an attractive resume but give very little time writing a good cover letter. Remember that your letter not only accompanies your resume, it is typically on top of your resume when your job application envelope is opened. Thus, a positive first impression requires that your letter be tidy and concise, containing no errors in spelling or grammar.

Succeeding cover letter example for cashier resume is written in a way that it will convince the employer to read your resume. The bullet statements in the second paragraph will give a good impression of expertise and abilities as a cashier. These phrases might be changed per job requirements.



Cover Letter Template for Cashier (no experience)

Sheridan Smith

187 Main Blvd

Santa Fe, New Mexico 29484

(726) 798-4961,

February 08 2012

Ms. Sophie Anderson                                                                                                                   Hiring Director
AAA  Health System
691 West Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 28475

Dear Ms. Anderson:

I am writing for Cashier position at AAA Health System as recently advertised on your website. This position fascinates me because of my strong interest in customer service and cash handling. The capabilities and knowledge I have gained through my education and experiences will help me perform extremely well for your organization.

As mentioned in the attached resume, some strengths of mine include:

❖ Expert in handling cash registers, optical price scanners and computers.
❖ Proven expertise to give every customer quick and focused attention.
❖ Capable of keeping department supplies filled and maintained.
❖ Excellent record of collecting payments properly for purchases and make change.
❖ Skilled at maintaining secure custody of all cash and any additional items such as register key.

The above written traits along with my passion, exceptional communication skills and talent in MS Word and Excel, make me a suitable candidate for this position. The encased resume contains complete details about my cashiering skills and qualifications.

As a keen and honest cashier, I would like to meet with you to discuss how my capabilities fit perfectly with your requirements. I will contact you after 5 days to follow-up. In the meantime, if you require any further information, you can contact me at(726) 798-4961 or send an email at

Thank you for your time and thoughts.