Tile Setter Skills for Resume


Tile installers are responsible for putting in tiles to cover surfaces like countertops, floors, and patios. They place tiles for covering floors in both residential and commercial buildings.
General duties of tile installers include mixing epoxy, grout, and cement; lining up tile using straightedges, squares, and levels; and preparing grout and applying it between joints of tiles with the help of grouting trowels.
Ideal candidates should exhibit physical fitness, stamina, the ability to work in a leaning position, good time management, the ability to lift heavy material, and attention to detail. Not much formal education is requisite for this position.
Tile Setter Skills for Resume
• Ability to communicate with the client to determine their requirements.
• Skilled in taking measurements of the area to be tiled and determining stock requirements.
• Proficient at gathering tiling equipment and cutting and shaping tiles to the required size.
• Demonstrated expertise in removing old tiling and installing flooring fixtures using hand and machine tools.
• Talented at spreading mortar across the floor and laying out tile above it.
• Competent at applying tiling grout in between tiles and cleaning the surface.
• Well-versed at carrying out the post-installation inspection.
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
• Good time management and customer service skills.
• Capability to lift heavy materials and equipment.
• Great accuracy and attention to detail.
• Physically fit and able to work in a leaning position.