Sample Application Letter for Non Vacant Teaching Position


Mostly a cover letter is written in response of an advertisements for any position. However, if there is an organization where you would like to work, but has no vacancy open yet, you can still write the a cover letter for a non vacant position.When you write a cover letter for a non vacant position, it may not be answered immediately. But it will definitely be considered once there is a vacancy for the position that you applied for.

A cover letter for a non vacant position is same a cover letter written in response of a job advertisement. There is only one thing that you will have to add in a cover letter for a non vacant position, that is, you have to let the employer know that you are aware of the fact
that the organization has no vacancies currently open for the position that you are applying for and you are willing to wait for when it does.

Below is an excellent cover letter template for the non vacant teaching position that will guide you further in this regard:

Sample Application Letter for Non Vacant Teaching Position

January 13, 2016

Ms. Elizabeth Swan
The City Elementary School
279 Lake Street
Denver, Colorado 47294
Dear Ms. Swan:

I am writing this letter to let you know that I am interested in working with The City Elementary School, the most reputed school of the city in the capacity of a teacher. The motto of The City Elementary School really inspires and attracts me. I would like to acquire the teaching position at your school and I am attaching my resume for the same for your perusal.

I have been working as a teacher since 3 year’ and have become proficient at working with young children and help them acquire social and academic skills according to age and aptitudes. I am capable of preparing lessons, explaining concepts, assigning and checking work, grading tests, reporting to parents and getting involved in extracurricular activities such as trips and sports events.

Through my experience I have gained knowledge of childhood development and have polished my supervisory and instruction skills. I am current working at St. Marry School where I am responsible for designing a project-based learning module that meets the international standards. If possible, I would like to demonstrate to you how this works and its colossal effect on students’ learning curve.

I would really appreciate a chance of meeting with you personally to discuss my abilities and your requirements in detail.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




(Enc. Resume)