Storekeeper Job Description Sample


Storekeepers are responsible for managing all operations in a store such as staff supervision, inventory management, records maintenance etcetera.

If you are willing to pursue a career as a Storekeeper, you should possess strong management and organizational skills along with customer service, records maintenance, and complaint-handling expertise.

A high school diploma or equivalent along with relevant experience is required for this position.

Storekeeper Job Description Sample

⦁ Manage store operations and schedule staff shifts.
⦁ Stock shelves, clean floors, and maintain store outlook.
⦁ Answer customer queries and provide excellent customer service.
⦁ Receive deliveries and transfer goods to stockrooms.
⦁ Inspect deliveries and report any damage or discrepancy.
⦁ Handle customer complaints and resolve any conflicts among staff.
⦁ Manage stock inventory and maintain records.
⦁ Plan promotional campaigns for new products.
⦁ Assist in cashiering duties.
⦁ Keep the store clean and organized.