Cover Letter Sample For Sales Representative


A cover letter for a Sales Representative Resume is an important letter that decides the possibility of getting an interview call.

You should always add a cover letter when proposing your job application for a Sales Representative position, even if the employer did not demanded one in the advertisement. The majority of employers do not study your resume if it is without a cover letter.

The Sample Cover Letter For Sales Representative below will help you write your own cover letter efficiently.

Cover letter Sample for Sales Representative

Octavia Spencer
241 North Avenue
Hartford ,Connecticut,CP 29837
(279) 762-2093
Octavia @ email. com

December 29, 2012

Mr.Tommy Lister
Hiring Manager
TTT Retailers
256 North Street
Hartford ,Connecticut,CP 27817

Dear Mr.Lister:

As an outstanding sales professional with hands-on experience of four year, I offer my services as a sales representative to TTT Retailers. I suppose that my practice in providing customer-focused services will be beneficial for your organization.

My history records appreciable success in providing exceptional services in a retail environment, which I think is high on your list of “preferred qualifications”.I am self-educated in focusing sales efforts by researching modern style and providing beneficial response to the company. In recent years, I have been praised highly by my seniors for suggesting changes in product lines and services by analyzing competitive developments. To be of your specific interest, I could bring:

• Detailed understanding of backing up sales with quality after-sales services.
• Skills in building meaningful relationships with customers to ensure loyalty.
• Complete familiarity with developing processes to take maximum output from referrals.

With a zeal to achieve sales goals by ensuring that customers always leave happy, I have been successful in obtaining customer loyalty and recurring business opportunities.

I would welcome a chance to meet with you in-person and discuss my abilities and your requirements in detail.

I thank you for taking out the time to review my application.