Resume Sample for Registered Nurse


Registered Nurses (RNs) work with hospitals. Besides direct patient care tasks, they are supporters and health teachers for patients, families, and communities. Their common obligations include:

● Watch, review, and record symptoms, reactions, and improvement in patient’s health.
● Assist physicians in general checkup, surgeries, treatments, and examinations.
● Manage medications and help in period of recovery and treatment.
● Build up and administer nursing care plans.
● Teach patients and their families regarding disease and precautions.

An effective cover letter for Registered nurse Resume can bring an interview call and finally the desired job. Following is a fantastic job application letter group for RN Resume that you can utilize when preparing your work application.


6362 West Street
Houston, TEXAS 54421

July 10, 2015

Dr. Arnold Doe
Medical center Administrator
St. Louis Community Hospital
54 Some Avenue
Houston, TX 54417

Valuable Dr. Doe:

In answer to your recent advertisement for the position of a RN at the Street. Louis Community Hospital,I want to submit my resume as work application because your job explanation properly complements my certification and work experience. Along with my BSN Level, current license from the Texas State Board of Nurse Examiners and four years of hands-on experience, I am confident that I can contribute effectively to your bottom series.

As noted on my enclosed resume, I have always been highly skilled in producing and managing nursing health care plans for patients of all ages, teaching patients and the families, and serving individuals and groupings to maintain their health. In addition, I have a demonstrated ability to deliver health care to patients whose needs range from basic to complex with the use of the nursing process. Furthermore, I am well competent in creating a restorative environment while identifying and treating individual responses to health problems. As you may expect, a well-trained and professional nurse is highly planned to the development and reliability of any health care setting, I am positive, I am the one who has the right skills set and the experience you’re in search of.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I  am eager to help Saint. Louis Community Hospital in the role of any Signed up Nurse and look ahead to ending up in you at the time of your convenience. I actually can be contacted at (666) 666-9999.                       Thank you for your time and consideration.



Laura Manley, RN