Cover Letter Sample For Registered Nurse(No Experience)


While writing a cover letter, put as much information as you can. It should clearly define your nursing experience, certification and education. Just saying that you are a ‘Registered Nurse’ is not enough to get an interview call. In fact, a Registered Nurse can be a diploma nurse (without license and training) or a degree nurse (BSN or MSN), so you have to demonstrate your level of competence to qualify for some organizations.


Write a cover letter of 3 to 4 paragraphs. The starting paragraph should pinpoint the source where you heard about the position and  mention your interest in the healthcare setting and RN position. The second and third paragraph generally explains how you can utilize your skills and proficiency to help the clinic or facility. Last paragraph mostly highlights your passion and interest and contains the information about the follow-up steps you would take along with contact information.

Following is a cover letter sample for Registered Nurse Resume with no prior experience.


Cover Letter Sample For Registered Nurse(No Experience)

Michelle Pierce

241 Case Street
Jackson, Mississippi 62739

July 15, 2015

Ms. Sophie Jackson
Recruiting Manager
XXX Health Care Service
243  Canal Road

Jackson, Mississippi 62739


Dear Mr. Jackson:

I am writing for the position of Registered Nurse currently available at XXX Health Care Service because your requirements perfectly match my education, qualifications and career interests. Employing my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, RN License and internship experience, I will be capable of helping the residents of your facility in a more professional way.

Following are some of my key abilities which make me a perfect contender for this position:

❖ Skilled at helping, organizing, performing and analyzing patient care plans.
❖ Expert in recording patients’ medical histories and symptoms.
❖ Dedicated to give the highest level of care and comfort to patients.
❖ Able to observe patients, and operate and monitor medical equipment.
❖ Special talent in teaching patients and families to manage illnesses or injuries efficiently.

Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to help individuals and communities from contrasting cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. My encased resume will provide you with  details of my skills and qualifications.

As a fresh and passionate Registered Nurse, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss my abilities and your requirements in detail. I’ll call you after five days to set up an interview time and date. In the meantime, I can be reached at (476) 765-8076.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





Enc: Resume