Retail Store Manager Sample Job Description


A Retail Store Manager manages the daily operations of a retail store. These professionals are knowledgeable about almost everything related to sales, marketing, and operations.
An ideal candidate for this position should possess an ability to run store operations efficiently, along with the capability to train and lead store staff coupled with exceptional knowledge in marketing, sales, finance, and inventory management.
Oftentimes, a retail management and marketing degree is required for this position.
Retail Store Manager Sample Job Description
• Manage daily operations of a retail store including sales, marketing, and other operations.
• Identify current and future customer needs and formulates pricing policies.
• Formulate effective business strategies to attract new customers and improve sales.
• Perform store administration tasks such as manage store budgets and maintain financial records.
• Implement cross-training of employees and schedule shifts for employees.
• Maintain a safe and clean store environment.
• Monitor inventory, and place new orders for items as and when required.
• Make sure that the store follows health and safety regulations.
• Design a schedule for holiday activities and promotional sales to increase revenue.
• Hire, and train new employees.
• Handle customer complaints and problems professionally.