Factory Worker Resume Sample


Following are a number of skills statements which might be included in a factory worker resume. You may select some or all as appropriate to the position.

Factory Worker Resume Skills

• Accurate, tolerant, vigilant, responsible, quick and alert

• Possess basic math skills

• Expert in collecting raw resources for processing, measuring and mixing raw materials

• Able to control the automatic procedure and temperature for making products

• Profound ability to operate and maintain machines

• Good communication skills to bring valuable teamwork

• Able to follow and carry out instructions

• Capable in cleaning and sanitizing the work area

• Operating the machinery to produce textiles, washing and blending wool, cloth, or yarn

• Ability to use a variety of machines and practical skills

• Outstanding familiarity of the products manufactured in the factory

• Excellent knowledge of health and safety regulations


• Aptitude to comprehend quality control methods