Current Trends On Resumes


Everything in the world changes trend with the passage of time. Resumes too! With the significant growth in demand for talent and experience across the board where jobs are concerned, employers now look for people who can truly make a difference to their company.

Like with everything else, visual appeal plays a key role in attracting employers towards the otherwise boring resume. Color may not be the essence of a resume but layout is. It is important to ensure that a resume possesses the ability to be simple yet visually pleasing – format, font and spacing make so much of a difference!

Since the competition is fierce out there, every resume needs to have its personality to be able to make a strong impact. Figures help attract employers towards your achievements – so don’t be shy in making obvious the sales figure you upped by 33% last year. Be a go getter but do not show off as resumes have no space for people bragging! Picking up keywords from the advertisement that you are responding to is an excellent way of ensuring attention. Use QR codes where you can so that recruiters can go directly to your LinkedIn profile and see how much mettle you have.

Remember that your resume depicts who you are. If you put in information that is sketchy, employers will certainly be put off. Use short but meaningful bullet statements. The days of paragraphed resume and long elaborations are gone. Employers have limited time and if you are to make an impression, well, you cannot afford to be long winded. Instead of using broad and generic terms, try to be specific.


The one dominating trend of resumes is to be “in your face”. Since employers have limited resources to work with, they need to make quick decisions where hiring is concerned. You can help your “could be” employer into a “would be” employer by using proactive tactics while writing your resume. Remember, it is all in your own hands!