Resume Sample for Communications Manager


Communications Manager create, implement and oversee communications programs that effectively provide promotional information regarding the organization and its products to clients, potential and existing, and perhaps even the general public. Their responsibilities include  providing day-to-day support to the company’s markets and using Google Analytics and marketing findings to track and analyze website traffic.

A resume for the position of a communications manager should be written in a convincing manner. You can do this by stating your relevant experience and skills that you have to offer.

Resume Sample for Communications Manager

Jack Atlas

342 Model Road

Houston, Texas 58327



A highly skilled and talented individual with 6 years’ extensive experience working as a communications manager. Outgoing personality and strong interpersonal skills. Capable of leading and motivating a team in order to promote the organization’s name and image. Proven track record of solving complex problems, achieving customer satisfaction and exceeding monthly targets set by the organization.

• A good knowledge of web and print-based marketing material.
• Ability to develop and generate strategic planning.
• Expertise in marketing research and surveying.
• Attention to detail with excellent decision-making skills.
• Experience in articulating the company’s image leading to projection and enhanced client hit.


Assistant Communications Manager | January 2014 – Present
ABC Company, Houston, Texas

• Designed and implemented a communications strategy to support the new Diversity Office.
• Assisted the sales and senior management in communicating client preferences and resolving client issues.
• Created monthly email newsletter and grew readership organically from scratch to over 750 (authentic) monthly readers.
• Created and implemented social media marketing and PR strategies

• Actively announced and promoted company product launches and other newsworthy events.

Selected Accomplishments

• Planed and designed launch campaigns for five new products and executed the launch successfully.
• Generated $100,000 in new revenue with a three-month email cross-selling promotion targeting existing financial services customers.
• Led team of 15 employees and worked together with creative agency to develop and launch new global company.
• Established a new recruiting communication plan and introduced online marketing tools for the promotion of the organization.
• Conducted in depth customer surveys and issued a report based on findings, accompanied with suggestions for areas of improvement.

Jr. Communications Manager | March 2009 – December 2013
ABC Marketing, Houston, Texas

• Handled all aspects of marketing communication plans including evaluating effectiveness and monitoring expenditures.
• Arranged communication meetings involving senior management, productions department and marketing personnel.
• Tracked negative communication about the organization on websites and blogs and developed strategies for addressing and resolving it.

• Handled other administrative tasks as assigned.


AAA University College, Houston, Texas | 2009
MS in Communications