Excavator Operator Sample Resume


Excavator operators are responsible for operating and controlling excavators and other heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, hydraulic trucks, and cranes in a safe manner.

Duties of an excavator operator include performing maintenance checks, repairing equipment, implementing safety measures, and handling inventories.

An individual working as an excavator should be physically fit and have good stamina coupled with great attention to detail, accuracy, organization, teamwork, and time management. A high school diploma or equivalent is generally required for this job.

Excavator Operator Sample Resume

Derek Gaze
132 Star Avenue
Austin, TX 12345
(012) 345-6789


A skilled and passionate Excavator Operator with hands-on experience in operating and controlling excavators and other heavy equipment cranes in a safe and appropriate manner. Proficient in carrying out maintenance checks on equipment to ensure proper functioning. Capable of implementing safety measures, repairing equipment, and handling inventories.


• Heavy Equipment Operations• Pipe Rigging• Trench Work
• Paperwork Management• Preventative Maintenance• Safety Regulations
• Machine Repair• Codes of Ethics• Communication and Teamwork


Excavator Operator
ABC Construction, Austin, TX | 2017 – Present

• Operate excavators to dig out grounds according to the project needs.
• Perform regular maintenance and safety checks and report any problem to the supervisor.
• Ensure adherence to operating safety policies and procedures.
• Keep the work area clean and tidy.
• Record a report of inventory and completed tasks on a daily basis.

Excavator Operator
XYZ Company, Austin, TX | 2015 – 2017

• Operated a variety of equipment in compliance with safety policies and procedures.
• Assisted in digging ditches and pipe laying of prescribed dimensions.
• Loaded and unloaded rocks, debris, and other materials from heavy equipment.
• Conducted daily equipment checks and performed minor adjustments and repairs as needed.

High School Diploma