Automotive Painter Sample Resume


Automotive painters are responsible for applying paint on automobiles such as cars, trucks, and buses, etc. They repair damaged vehicles, prepare them to be painted by removing dirt, rust, and dents, and apply paint using paint sprayers and brushes. They are also responsible for setting up painting equipment, matching old paint to new colors, and ensuring that the job is done with perfection.

To work as an automotive painter, one should be familiar with the safe use of various tools and equipment of the trade. He should be physically fit and capable of standing for a long period of time. Furthermore, he should possess strong attention-to-detail, communication skills, teamwork ability, and customer service skills.

Generally, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is enough to work as an automotive painter.

Automotive Painter Sample Resume

John Doe
561 Sample Street, Juneau, AK 12345
(012) 345-6789
john.doe @ email . com


Passionate and skilled automotive painter with years of experience in auto body refinishing and painting. Proficient in preparing the vehicles to be painted by removing dust, taking out dents, and filling scratches and cavities. Well-versed in mixing paints and other materials to obtain correct color and consistency as per requirements. Adept at removing accessories from vehicles and masking glass and windows properly before applying paint.

• Denting Techniques
• Color Matching
• Paint Consistency
• Workmanship Quality
• Tools Maintenance
• Vehicle Prepping
• Interior Refinishing

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Automotive Painter
ABC Company, Juneau, AK
7/2017 – Present

• Determine clients’ automotive painting requirements
• Check vehicles for any dents and scratches and inform the clients about it
• Prepare the vehicle’s surface by removing dust, taking out dents, and filling scratches and cavities
• Mix paints to match color specifications or vehicles’ original colors
• Use paint sprayers and brushes to apply paint
• Ensure that the job is done according to quality standards

Automotive Painter
XYZ Company, Juneau, AK
4/2014 – 7/2017

• Took out dents and filled scratches and cavities to ensure a smooth surface before painting
• Set up painting tools and equipment before starting the job
• Applied coats of paint using brushes and sprayers
• Buffed and waxed the finished paint job
• Applied sealer once the paint has dried completely
• Made sure that painting tools and equipment are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis

A.S Auto Collision Repair & Technology
Sample College, Juneau, AK – 2012