Recommendation Letter Sample for Legal Intern


Professors of law students usually ask for recommendation letter as a proof of their students’ work. The recommendation or reference letters are very important as they can have a major impact on the overall evaluation of the student. The recommendation letter is mostly written by a teacher or direct supervisor.

If you are asked to provide a reference or recommendation letter for a law student, you should know what goes into it. Mention your student’s most marketable skills, especially ones you may have observed in your relationship with the person you are recommending. But in case you have something negative in your mind, just don’t mention that in the recommendation letter as it can badly effect the candidacy of your student.

A recommendation letter for a legal intern should highlight the intern’s knowledge of legal terminology and procedures along with strong communication and interpersonal skills and ability to utilize his/her skills and knowledge for case preparation.

Below is a sample recommendation letter for a legal intern. You can use this sample as a guide to write a recommendation letter for your student:

Recommendation Letter Sample for Legal Intern

March 13, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Hank Harris for the position of a legal intern at your organization. I have worked very closely with Hank as his supervisor while he worked in the Career Office.  During this time, I have been very impressed by the dedicated manner with which he carried out his work assignments and pursued his academic coursework.  I am completely satisfied with how he worked from his very first day until his last day in my law office.

Hank is a dedicated and competent individual. I was impressed by knowledge of legal world. He knew most of the workings of an attorney’s office. I was surprised on his first day; he did a very good job on the filing. With only a few instructions, he did his job like an expert. Furthermore, he gave the idea of searching for precedents online which saved much time on important cases.

Hank is a hard working individual with excellent communication skills coupled with the ability to deal with witnesses and accused to determine their motivations. He became a key member of our team and we owe a debt of gratitude to him for his service. He is a great legal intern and I am confident that he will perform excellently at your organization.

I wish him a good luck in his law degree. I would love to have Hank Harris to work in my law office again.



(Sign here)


Henery Turner
Principle Attorney
AAA Institute
652 Case Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 78273