Sample Job Description for a Production Worker


Production workers are an important part of any manufacturing facility. Depending on the industry in which they are employed, production workers are responsible for operating machines. assembling product parts, handling soldering tasks, lifting items, and packaging products.

They are also responsible for performing quality control functions in order to make sure that the final product is of fine quality and has no defects.

To work as a production worker, one must be proficient in using various hand tools and equipment. Moreover, he/she should be physically dexterous and have good mathematical skills, mechanical abilities, accuracy, attention to safety, time management, and teamwork ability.

Generally, a high school diploma is enough to work as a production worker.

Sample Job Description for a Production Worker

• Start and stop production machinery at beginning and end of the shift respectively
• Operate various hand tools and equipment properly
• Load and unload items using machines and dollies
• Place/remove items on/from the conveyor belt
• Assemble parts by hand
• Utilize various power tools to solder, weld, drill, and attach parts.
• Manage valves and gauges to regulate the flow of liquids or electricity
• Mix ingredients in the right amount
• Perform inspection and quality control functions and remove faulty or damaged parts from the production line
• Maintain record at each step of the production cycle
• Label the finished products and ensure proper packaging
• Monitor stock level and help with shipping processes
• Report potential machinery problems and hazards to the supervisor immediately
• Keep the work area clean
• Follow production guidelines and specifications
• Clean and maintain the tools and equipment
• Follow safety rules and regulations