Personal Shopper Skills Sample


Personal shoppers are responsible for assisting customers in shopping. They determine customers’ requirements by asking them what they are looking for and offering advice and knowledge of the best products to purchase. Furthermore, these professionals also process orders, and assist with exchanges or returns.

An ideal resume for personal shopper resume should exhibit exceptional customer service orientation coupled with the ability to sell, courtesy, research skills, commercial awareness, and self-motivation.

Following are some sample skills of personal shopper:

Personal Shopper Skills Sample

•  Skilled at welcoming customers in a polite and professional manner.

•  Capable of communicating with clients to determine what they’re looking for.

•  Proficient at recommending products based on customers’ requirements.

• Up-to-date knowledge of products, trends, and services.

•  Able to provide customers’ details and benefits of various products.

•  Competent at suggesting alternative products in case the desired product is un-available.

•  Well-versed at answering customers queries appropriately.

•  Effectively able to handle customers complaints.

•  Particularly skilled in processing customers’ orders through calls, emails, as well as live chat.

• Adept at assisting the customers with exchanges or returns.

•  Profound ability to maintain inventory and review merchandize movement.

•  Demonstrates expertise in

•  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


•  Excellent interpersonal skills and outgoing personality.