Sample Job Description for Paraprofessional Resume


A paraprofessional, alternatively known as classroom assistant or teacher’s aide, work in an educational setting where they are required to provide instructional and educational support to the lead teacher.

Working in a preschool or elementary school, these professionals perform duties such as assisting teachers in special education programs, supervising students, assisting them in library, recording attendance and conferring with parents etc.

If you want to pursue a career as a paraprofessional, you must possess an associate’s degree in education. Moreover, one should demonstrate teaching aptitudes, computer competencies, supervisory and communication skills along with the ability to plan lessons and deliver them in absence of the lead teacher.

Given below is a list of some basic duties that a paraprofessional is required to perform in an educational setting:

Sample Job Description for Paraprofessional Resume

• Help the lead teacher in planning and executing lesson plans.
• Work with fellow teachers to integrate new activities.
• Work cooperatively with the classroom teacher.
• Manage work sheets for students on a daily basis.
• Work with students individually or in small groups, according to the lead teacher’s directions.
• Manage discipline problems according to administrative regulations, school board policies, and legal requirements.
• Responsible for implementing lesson plans for children under the guidance of a teacher.
• Research information and prepare educational material as instructed by the lead teacher
• Hand out and collect assignment sheets and resource materials to students.
• Guided children with assigned tasks.
• Assist the classroom teacher in developing homework guidelines.
• Score and record diagnostic tests and assignments.
• Assisted individuals with independent tasks.
• Mentored the individuals with proper academic etiquette and social activities.
• Maintain the bulletin boards properly and keep them up-to-date. • Assisted individuals with independent tasks.
• Provide proper counseling to students.
• Record student attendance on daily basis.
• Supervise students’ activities in class, halls, and playground.
• Inform the senior teacher in case of emergency.
• Take students to and from the school bus.
• Assure children safety and monitor their daily activities.
• Communicate with parents about their child’s progress.
• Manage behavioral problems and conflict resolution.
• Work on a one on one basis with students who may need special attention.
• Record academic and social progress of each student individually.