Resume Sample for Paraprofessional (No Experience)


A paraprofessional, also known as a teacher’s aide, is hired by educational settings. They help lead teacher in carrying out clerical work, making lesson plans and organizing after-school activities for students.

Making a resume for an entry level paraprofessional position might seem a challenging task but with little assistance, the resume writing process becomes easy. When you have no experience in hand, you may highlight your transferable skills and abilities gained through education and daily life experiences.


Resume Sample for Paraprofessional (No Experience)


Chiara Zanni

768 Main Street

Albany, New York 76283

(757) 763-8723,

CAREER GOAL: Looking for a Paraprofessional position with a well-known educational setting. Offers qualification and abilities in teaching assistance, classroom management and communication with pupils.

Teacher’s Aide Training | City College, Albany, New York | 2013

Associate of Science in Elementary Education | AAA College, Albany, New York | 2012

• Highly skilled in general classroom procedures and duties of a paraprofessional in an educational setting.
• Proven expertise to maintain classroom record, student portfolios and assessment charts in an organized way.
• Proficient at helping the teacher in arranging extracurricular activities.
• Expert in designing different ‘fun to learn’ activities including role plays and puppetry.


Substitute Paraprofessional (Honorary)
City Educational Institute, Albany, New York | Spring 2013

• Helped the teacher in preparing for lesson.
• Monitored unruly behavior among children during lesson.
• Recorded daily attendance of students.
• Maintained individual student portfolios and assessment sheets.
• Communicated with parents, teacher and school administration regularly about progress and behavior of students.

• MS Office Applications
• Chalk Waves
• Power Media Plus
• Windows, Internet and Email