Cover Letter Example for Paraprofessional (No Experience)


To write a cover letter for a paraprofessional position without any experience, its advisable to begin by listing your key capabilities and skills gained through education and real life experiences. After that, shortlist these and select some job relevant ones. It is also important to consider the employer’s desired qualifications. The job related abilities will make the main body of letter. Use bullets or tables to demonstrate your capabilities in order to make a successful and interview winning cover letter.


Cover Letter Example for Paraprofessional (No Experience)


Adrienne Carter
767 Noon Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 78732
Cellular: (782) 872-8928
Home: (892) 892-8723

March 23, 2012

Ms. Britt McKillip
ABC Institute
762 North Street
Phoenix, Arizona 78273


Dear Ms. McKillip:

I am writing for the position of paraprofessional currently available at ABC Institute. I am a highly skilled and dedicated fresh graduate with intensive training in teaching assistance offering the following abilities as a paraprofessional:

A self organized individual capable of imparting a sense of organization and management among students.

Complete understanding of issues related to cultural diversity, aware of the requirements and values of people belonging to different cultures.

 Fluent in English and Turkish.

Demonstrated capability of understanding and following written and oral instructions and deliver lectures to the students on behalf of the teacher when required.

 An innovative professional full of new ideas for classroom and after-school student focused activities to develop confidence and keep them engaged.

Proficient at helping the lead teacher about classroom management and lesson plan implementation.

Able to maintain record files and develop independent student portfolios to keep record of assessments.

As a passionate candidate, I am looking forward to meet with you and discuss my abilities and your requirements in detail. I will call you after 6 days for follow-up. In the meantime, I can be reached at (726) 435-3563.




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