Steward Resume Example

Advertisement: A steward is responsible for general maintenance, and caretaking operations inside a hotel. S/e is also accountable for hotel security and offering good customer service. They might be responsible for assisting the rest of the hotel staff perform its duties. The following page will provide you with the Best Resume Example of Steward. You […]

Sample Resume for General Laborer Position

Advertisement: Companies spend less than half a minute examine a General Laborer resume, so your resume and you have only some seconds to impress the employer. Your resume should set the tone of professionalism as well as enthusiasm concisely explaining your skills and capabilities. In general labor, it is important to tailor your resume to […]

Nanny Resume Example

What is a Nanny Resume? Your resume for nanny job is basically your written snapshot; a picture of the exclusive combination of your child care skills and parents’ help abilities you offer a prospective employer. Hiring managers usually screen résumés between 5 to 10 seconds, so a nanny’s resume should be written in a way […]

Teacher Resignation Letter Sample

When you resign from your teaching job, it’s significant to resign as gracefully and efficiently as possible. You should give sufficient notice to school management, write a prescribed resignation letter, and be ready to move on before submitting your resignation. Turning in your resignation from a teaching isn’t always easy. Even though you hate school’s […]

Cover Letter Sample For Analytic Consultant

A stunning cover letter for an Analytic Consultant resume will definitely increased your chances to get hired. Consequently we have developed the following sample of Analytic Consultant Cover Letter which will guide you while writing your own cover letter. Sample Analytic Consultant Cover Letter Your Street Address City, State and Zip Code Date Mr./Ms.(Employer’s Name) […]

Cover Letter Sample For New Grad RN

In your cover letter for entry level Registered Nurse position, use a simple language and make clear sentences. Don’t try to make an impression on the employer by using difficult vocabulary or complex sentence structures. Make sure to consider nursing assignments as “real world” experiences because you don’t have many related work experiences to showcase. […]

Excellent Nursing Cover Letters

One of the most demanding jobs nowadays are related to medical professions like nurses and nursing assistants. On the other hand, it is also a truth that one must struggle to get the job because competition is tough. So, to be obvious among the rest, nurses are advised to write excellent Nurse Cover Letters when […]

Cover Letter No Experience For Medical Laboratory Assistant

Clayton Greene 4920 Lady Bug Drive Staten Island, NY 10312 (123)-833-7065 Feb 23, 2013 Ms. Emily Decker MCG Health System 964 Public Works Drive Benton, TN 37307 Dear Ms. ABC, I would like to apply for your Medical Laboratory Assistant job opening that I found listed in the classified ads section of While […]

Resume Templates For Software Developer

Software developers create software for end users. They take user specifications and design and implement software according to those specifications. They design, implement and install software systems and also ensure their maintenance. They also review current systems in order to decipher needs for improvement and addition. Software developers need to possess a degree in software […]

Cover Letter Sample For Bar Attendant

Eric Kerns 1093 Emma Street Anton, TX 79313 (111)-365-5068 Aug 11, 2010 Mr. Randy Digiovanni Nightclub Lounge Restaurant Bar 4564 Webster Street Robertsville, NJ 7726 Dear Mr. ABC, I want to thank you for recent advertisement seeking a Bar Attendant for your restaurant and bar. I am the best candidate for this position. My […]